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As I do most nights before I turn in, I do my “rounds”. I usually quickly check my email, stop by the “patch” (private closely knit community of friends going on 7 years of online friendship!), then finish with Facebook where I quickly scan through everyone’s posts and see if anyone I’m following has mentioned anything urgent or of particular interest. Well, as often happens, my great friend Andrea Burns always finds great things to share both personally and professionally. Tonight she posted a link to a great article titled {Do Photographers Really Make Money} that I thought was downright fabulous. So much in fact I had to highlight it here, Twitter and Facebook!


Whether you’re a pro, amateur, current or prospective client, this article is a great read. Someone once told me the following (or I read it somewhere, I have a very fertile imagination and can easily imagine someone telling me something when I actually only read it!): If you aren’t {making money; pricing appropriately; etc} with regards to your photography *business*, then it’s a very expensive hobby. The essence of that has always stayed with me and it is part of what keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground pushing my business to where I want it to go. Making it a hobby is fine, but I honestly can’t afford such a hobby, no matter how passionate I feel about it. This is my business, my last baby; not my part-time/weekend hobby.


And to be clear, I have nothing at all against anyone that does this as a hobby. They are very fortunate and I am very happy for them. My hope and  life goal is that it can be {just} a hobby one day, if I ever tire of the business of it, which frankly, I also love!

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