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New Year, New Schedule, New pricing!

Posted by On Jan 03, 2010 In News

This year is all new and fresh! Nothing like a good cleaning to start things off right! I’ve gone through the calendar year and selected the weekends I will be available to photograph your family. Be quick to select your day as there are only 22 session dates available this calendar year. Exceptions can be made, babies aren’t born when we want them to now are they ;) so there is leeway, but for those that can plan, go ahead and call to reserve your weekend session!

Also on this year’s agenda, an upcoming Newsletter, if I ever figure those out, to let you all know about the latest specials and products and what’s been happening around here. The new pricing is already in effect, just enough to cover taxes which I started paying being as this is a legitimate company and all :) Be on the look out for pre-made packages as well as BYO packages. What?! Build Your Own Packages! Yep! Lay down your budget and pick what you want at package pricing. Cool, right?

And what was that about new products? How about accordion books, lay flat albums, full session albums?? Did you know we already offer Gallery wrapped canvas? How about framing, well that last one might be nearing year’s end, but the thought is there. Talk about a full service photographer!

All that said, I’m just looking forward to expanding the options, while still giving to eacha nd everyone one of you the personalized service you deserve! In home photography or location of choice, personal viewing session, private online gallery, choice of personalized products, custom photographic packages, surprises and gifts depending on your package selection and then to top it off!! Personal delivery of your order to your home. Yep. All true.

Hope to meet you this year and photograph your amazing family and show everyone how truly beautiful you all are, inside and out!

HAPPY New Year!!

Posted by On Jan 01, 2010 In News

I’m wishing you all the very best, very happiest and very healthiest year yet!

So here we are, the first of the new year, and where are my Holiday Cards you may be wondering… um, apparently in Toronto somewhere on some parked Purolator truck. I’m hoping they get here before Valentines ;) Me thinks next year, they will be done and ready to send come December 1st. There’s my New Years resolution right there!

MERRY Christmas!!

Posted by On Dec 25, 2009 In News

Although the calendar has been staring at me all year, and the date never wavered, this Holiday season still crept up on me. After having a very full summer, then a quite slow start to fall, I was suddenly booked solid through November within the last week of October! Usually, November is shopping month for all those last minute gifts and ideas I didn’t find throughout the year. This year, it was quite a scramble and once we hit mid-December, I realised I hadn’t even done my Christmas cards!!

Of course, as in all things last minute, I sent them to print a mere 48 hours after the print cut-off and may or may not receive them back before the year ends! We’ll see, but since this IS Christmas, here you go, our Holiday Card! Hopefully it’ll grace your mailbox before the new year, otherwise, well, it’ll get there when it can *insert sheepish grin here*

Time Together – Famille QG

Posted by On Dec 19, 2009 In Time to Grow, Time Together

Bonjour la jolie famille!

I had the immense pleasure to get a phone call from this very French and very bubbly family. She had the sweetest voice and wasn’t expecting anything from me at all when she called three days before my official “holiday vacation” was to start. After hearing her out, I just could NOT refuse. No way, no how. And how glad am I that I didn’t!

The only very sad part… that they must go back to their native France until further notice. I’m holding out hope that they’ll be back within the year and hopefully for good :)

Nope, not quite done…

Posted by On Nov 15, 2009 In News

No, it’s not quite done yet, but I’ve been meaning to post a pic of this project forever. We finally received the last drawer faces and have the trim at hand. All that’s left if to install said trim and to tile the backsplash. After much HGTV watching, I think I’ve finally settled on an idea and need to sketch it out and make it happen.

Meanwhile, here’s the most up to date image of our Kitchen.

Time to Start – G Family

Posted by On Nov 07, 2009 In Time to Grow, Time to Start, Time Together

How sweet it is! The most amazing part of this family, is that they started it all. Their first born, barely two here, was my very first newborn! When did he turn 2! When did this adventure of mine changed from being counted by days and months into years! Their newest addition didn’t even wait for us to reschedule a maternity session! Bookings came up, scheduling conflicts happened and the only day I could *possibly* have photographed this happily patient mum, is the day he decided he’d had enough!

Time to Start – Baby C

Posted by On Nov 02, 2009 In Time to Start

Oh Goodness Gracious! LOL I must have said thsoe very words dozens of times! This was just such a FUN day! I had the exquisite pleasure of photographing our May Wee Wiggles Fair Blog winner Danielle Rousseau & her family. They recently had an adorable baby boy and truly, the luck was all mine! His parents will vouch, I was giddy and so concentrated at one point I had the shakes from going non stop! So I started on an apple, of which I barely had two bites while there as I was just THAT much into it! Really, as you’ll see in these sneak peak images, I had it easy and who could resist!

Time Together – K Family

Posted by On Oct 27, 2009 In Time to Grow, Time Together

Now, I’m being quite serious when I say that I had just the BEST time photographing this family! The two older ones were the same ages as mine and had SO many similarities, it was just like being around my own kids, except when they say “mommy!!!” I didn’t have to respond! lol The baby boy was just the smiliest little cuteness you’ve ever seen and was absolutely fine being in my arms while I got to know the kiddos before we officially started! ADORABLE! ALL of them!

Happy 5th Birthday!

Posted by On Oct 12, 2009 In News, Time to Grow

How in the WORLD! Here we are, 5 years old. How can it be! Happy fabulous birthday my little lady.

*she wanted a Dora cake & Jelly Beans… but it also had to be Gluten Free!*

*she wanted face painting*

*she wanted candles to blow out, NOT the #5 sparkler I had lit in the first place*

You’re only 5 once, right? She asked, and she received :)

*Ready for family party the next day*

*more sweet treats, with more GF jelly beans!*

*actual birth DAY, train track expansion set! Playing BEFORE breakfast!!*

Time Together – Kyle’s Baptism

Posted by On Sep 27, 2009 In Time to Grow, Time Together

I am NOT an event’s photographer. Really, I’ll leave Bar-Mitzvah’s, Weddings and parties to the more event specialised of us. That said, being invited to a ceremony for friends, a private one at that, which is frankly unheard of now, who could resist! I told them I would love to record this day in their family’s history if they’d let me. They jumped on the offer and I had so much fun photographing this church and their private ceremony. Guys, you know I love you! This is just the tip of the story.

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